Mr. Jackson

Our core business

Stratégie financière

Wealth Strategy

Profiling, wealth overview, financial planning, wealth allocation by major asset class

Investissements cotés

Listed Investment

UCITS, live securities, structured products

Investissements non cotés

Non-Listed Investment

Private debt

Our partners


Financial and Legal Advice

Structuring, transmission, conflict prevention, international taxation



Loans: Mortgage, Lombard


Luxury Real Estate

Local and international partners

Our know-how and the strong relationships we have built with our partners over the years, enable Necker Finance to provide its clients with customised solutions adapted to their needs.

A tripartite relationship

We boast multiple partnerships with renowned financial institutions, allowing us to open and manage accounts with prestigious private banks, on behalf of our clients.

Schema tripartite

Management Agreement

We determine the relevant management agreement to adopt, based on our clients’ needs and expectations.

Signature of the appropriate management agreement.

Necker Finance is allowed to issue payment orders on behalf of its clients, across various markets.

Account Opening

We determine the type of account.

Opening of the account with one of the partner banks.

The selected bank manages the account, holds the securities and executes the instructions deployed by the manager.

Dedicated Relationship

The manager becomes a middleman between the client and the bank.

Regular face-to-face meetings to conduct reviews, establish economic outlook and determine market opportunities.

Our mandates

Non-Discretionary Mandate

Investors make their own decisions following their manager’s advice and recommendations.


Discretionary Mandate

Investors delegate the management of their portfolio, allowing managers to make relevant decisions based on investors’ objectives and in line with their agreement.

Standard Portfolios

Portfolio management is adapted to the investor’s risk aversion.





Comprises a minimum of 90% fixed income investments (cash, bonds, money market funds, alternative products) and a maximum of 10% equities.



Comprises a minimum of 65% fixed income investments and a maximum of 35% equities.



Comprises a minimum of 40% fixed income investments and a maximum of 60% equities.



Freely managed, without constraints. Investment opportunity: 100% in equities.

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