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Sports event

Sports event

A look back at a high-level meeting on Tuesday, July 27, at RMCLUB, with athletes Noémie Alphonse, 100m world vice-champion and 400m wheelchair bronze medallist, Yovani Philippe, 400m bronze medallist, Roberto Michel, qualified for the Paris Olympics, Anaïs Angeline, fourth in the T37 long jump competition at the 2023 Para Athletics World Championships and qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics, and their coach Jean Marie Bhugeerathee.

We had the immense honor of meeting these talented athletes, who defy limits and push back the boundaries of the possible, for a debriefing of their performance at the Para Athletics World Championships in Paris in early July. We are particularly proud to announce our partnership with one of these exceptional athletes, Yovani Philippe.

Stay tuned to follow Yovani’s inspiring journey as he prepares to take on new challenges at the Island Games in August and write new pages in the history of disabled sport.

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